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Sustainable Glasgow Charter

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The Sustainable Glasgow Green Economy Hub Charter is a commitment by leading businesses and employers in Scotland’s largest city, and host of COP26, to take action within their own organisations and sectors to contribute to a green recovery and radically reduce the City’s carbon emissions.

The Green Economy Hub is for those organisations who are committed to being leaders in the race to net zero and who are dedicated to delivering a sustainable Glasgow together.

Guy Jefferson, SP Energy Networks, Chair of Green Economy Hub.

Sustainable Glasgow will convene, catalyse and challenge organisations that commit to the Green Economy Hub Charter, recognising and celebrating not just what those organisations are doing now, but what they will do on the journey to net zero and a green recovery.

The Green Economy Hub Charter represents a step on the path to a ‘new normal’ of sustainable business practice in a thriving green city.

In November, the world will look to Glasgow when we host COP26. This will be the opportunity to agree a global response to what is a truly global challenge. As the host city, it is fitting and right that we launch this Charter. As the gateway to Glasgow, the airport is proud to be a signatory.

We look forward to working with our city partners to deliver against the commitments and creating a truly sustainable legacy for Glasgow beyond COP.

Brian McLean, Director Of Communications & Sustainability, AGS Airports

Sustainable Glasgow also recognises that the City is driven by a large population of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who may require significant support to deliver against the commitments in this Charter. Those SMEs who sign up to the ambition of delivering this Charter may be able to access support through Scotland’s sustainable business support ecosystem which includes:

  • Business Gateway
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Zero Waste Scotland
  • The Energy Savings Trust
  • SEPA

We recognise businesses across Glasgow are striving to develop net zero and climate strategies, particularly given the significance of the city hosting COP26.

This ambitious Charter provides clear steps for businesses of all sizes to make to a commitment to support the city’s climate ambitions and as an SME ourselves we know this is exactly what is needed.

Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive, Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce

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Supplementary note for small to medium enterprises

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