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This Circular Economy Route Map sets out a framework to allow Glasgow to truly embrace a sustainable economic future. It presents a vision for a circular city and provides the context in which our local economy is seen as an engine for environmental and social regeneration. There is a growing urgency to build upon the momentum created by the declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency, the impending United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and the need for a green recovery in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These major events have disrupted social norms across the city and on a national and global scale. We must now capitalise on the need for change to shape our city in a positive manner and provide the lasting legacy of a new economic model that is truly sustainable.

The circular economy must be at the very core of this green recovery to benefit:

  • The Environment
    Reducing carbon emissions and the overconsumption of waste and scarce valuable natural resources.
  • The Economy
    Improving design and production methods and relying on materials that are already in use within the city eco-system rather than exploiting more virgin resources.
  • Our Communities
    Localising the economy to ensure it is based on social inclusion, justice and wellbeing and opens up opportunities for employment and wealth creation with those communities.

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Current Status of the Circular Economy Route Map and Action Plan

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