Net-Zero Carbon by 2030

Glasgow City Food Plan

Glasgow has 3 market gardens, 90 community gardens and 32 allotment sites.

Glasgow City Food Plan (GCFP) is a 10 year plan developed by a team of collaborators from Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Food Network, Glasgow HSCP and NHSGGC.

So far over 600 people and organisations from across Glasgow have been involved in shaping and developing the plan, which will be launched in Spring 2021. The infographic below sets out some of the challenges and issues that GCFP is aiming to tackle.

We want Glasgow to be a city where tasty, healthy, affordable food is accessible to everyone; where local food enterprises are supported and celebrated; where we produce, provide, purchase and consume food that is good for the planet, good for animal welfare, and for good for those involved in growing, making and selling it. In doing this, we will work towards an inclusive, sustainable, resilient and fair economy for our whole community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of resilient food systems and has heightened awareness of the links between food, health, poverty, consumption, supply chains and purchasing patterns. Challenges to our food system affect everyone but food can also bring communities together in inspiring ways. This Plan will therefore also make an important contribution to Glasgow’s recovery from COVID-19.